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New Video! the Rubicon Project’s Secret to Success

October 23rd, 2008   |   by fbadmin

I had to put together a video introduction for The Lobby conference again this year. I can’t say much about The Lobby other than it is a get together of industry thought leaders to talk about the future of the Internet. I can’t say much about it because it is supposed to be “off the record” and blogging, micro-blogging and reporting about the conference is strictly forbidden.

Anyway, everyone attending the conference is required to put together a video introduction about themselves. So, I wanted to share mine with you here… It’s a “behind the scene’s” look into the secret to our success here at the Rubicon Project… Enjoy! =)

Click here to see my video from last year (and the thought process behind it), the “L.A. Video” that seems to have made it’s way around the Internet with over 10,000 views…

Special thanks to my friends Ryan and Wayland for helping me put these videos together… If anyone is looking to produce a video, let me know and I’ll happily introduce you to them – they’re amazing! They also did our famous “Golden Eggs” video for us at the Rubicon Project explaining the Ad Network Optimization problem.