Make Decisions! Because the Default Decision is Failure.

November 12th, 2011   |   by fbadmin

Make decisions.  Wrong or right, making quick, informed decisions is far better than not making a decision at all.  Not making decisions is what kills companies.  I’ve learned to pick up on interesting patterns from the five companies I started prior to Rubicon Project.  In general, when my companies are feeling stressed or headed in the wrong direction, it’s usually because the decision-making pipeline is clogged.  When my companies have done their best, it’s usually because they’re making quick decisions, learning, reacting and adapting quickly.

The first step in making quick decisions is to make sure that you have complete alignment with your team. Everyone needs to clearly understand the objective and be in the right mindset.  From there, you’ll be able to make quick, informed decisions – get everyone behind that decision and go.  If you’re right – congratulations, you took a leap ahead.  If you’re wrong, no worries, you just eliminated one of the incorrect possibilites which means you’re more likely to make the right choice with your next decision.  Just make them quick and make sure they’re informed.

Every day that we hold up progress because of our inability to make a decision is very, very costly…So remember – wrong or right, making quick, informed decisions is going to get you to your goal faster.

So, what’s holding you up?  Make a decision (or force someone else to).  Now.