The Automated Advertising Industry

The Future is Happening in Real Time

March 22nd, 2012   |   by fbadmin

Here is a video of my keynote at the Rubicon Project Real Time Trading Summit 2012. I give an overview of the state of the online advertising industry and how a disproportionate amount of the ad spend is going to the Top 10 publishers. The comScore 500 publishers stand to level the playing field and get their fair share from the benefits of increased automation and easier access for buyer. The three main areas of automation that will propel Real Time Trading are:

  • Enabling ad networks as bidders
  • Real Time Bidding API access through DSPs
  • Self Server buying portals

Additionally, I give a brief update on the Rubicon Project’s developments in Real Time Trading, particularly, building out a massive real time infrastructure, turning everyone into a bidder and (re)building our real time decisioning engine.