The Automated Advertising Industry

The Future is Happening: Real-Time Ad Buying

March 15th, 2012   |   by fbadmin

The hot topic in digital advertising today is real-time ad buying. Even for a fast-evolving industry, it felt like real-time ad sales swept through the industry quickly last year, with lots of companies activating real-time exchanges that enabled advertisers to plug in, find their desired audiences, and buy ads within fractions of a second.

Even with all the attention, today’s real-time market remains inefficient and disproportionate, because of the exclusion of two major role players in digital advertising: ad networks and self-serve advertisers. For automation to take hold – and deliver a market with greater liquidity and lower costs – real-time advertising needs to be open to everyone. It needs to be about real-time trading, not just real-time bidding.