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The IPO Hangover – Put Some Hair on the Dog

October 29th, 2014   |   by fbadmin

wallstreetFor over a year, I was focused on Rubicon Project’s IPO. A lot of people have asked me, “What is it like going through the IPO process? What’s it like being the CEO of a public company? What is the company like after the IPO?”

It’s interesting…

An IPO is a big, and important, process–the best way for me to describe it is that it’s like planning a wedding. There is a lot of excitement, a ton of preparation and a lot of stress! You start hiring bankers and lawyers, bringing new people on to the team, building out a public company board… It’s kind of like selecting all of the vendors for a wedding. With all of the preparation and planning, there is this anticipation building up–you’re thinking about the big day, when it’s going to be and what the day will be like. And as you approach the big day, you’re constantly watching the market to make sure the conditions are ‘perfect’–just like the weather for your wedding day.

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