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A Tour of the Rubicon Project Headquarters

May 11th, 2009   |   by fbadmin

I decided to try doing a video blog post. Here is a tour that I did of the Rubicon Project headquarters and all of the thought that we have put into things like culture, communication, efficiency, team development (and a little fun)… We have woven these things into our environment and I thought I’d share our thinking with you.

Some highlights to look out for:

  • Furnished on a low budget (IKEA furniture, etc.)
  • “No Office Policy” – everyone sits out on the open
  • Cultural Values
  • Metrics Driven Culture
  • Yammer – corporate Twitter
  • RubiCast – visual communications system
  • RubiRewards – peer rewards program
  • Video Conferencing – for daily/weekly team meetings
  • Group Lunch
  • Jack Bauer’s Office